Sunday, January 13, 2013

On Mixing Parables

My family is not what you would call … good.

Actions and attitudes aside, sometimes they're just foolish and I'm left aghast. For example: Christmas decorations that don't have anything to do with that particular holiday.

Joy Noel Peace Joy Noel. Sounds like a poor decision parents make while naming their children three weeks after having just been Saved themselves. But fine.

The trouble is that damned little bird. It's a dove. Jesus never saw a dove. Not once in his life. To my knowledge, Doves are not endemic to the Middle East. In fact that is a dove, looking back, with an olive branch in its mouth.

That would be the story of Noah. The guy from Jewish folklore? From before Abraham so there really weren't any Jews yet even? Just nomadic and slightly less-nomadic peoples. The guy based heavily on the preexisting Mesopotamian epic of Gilgamesh? That guy.

Leave it to the Christians to mix up their own lousy stories. Sheesh.

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