Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Of Creative Vocabuary

I've always found it admirable for individuals properly versed in the English language to produce their own words, assuming they utilize proper grammar and prefix/root/suffix systems.

Words I've Made and Enjoy:

Awesomeness - adj. The quality of being awesome.

Self-demoralizing - also adj. The quality of self-deprecating, when one doesn't know the word "deprecating."

Tofucken - n. A tofu turducken, made by stuffing faux-chicken patties inside Chinese restaurant canned faux-duck, all inside a tofurkey. Intended only for hilariousness in the company of vegitarians on Thanksgiving.

Hilariousness - adj. The quality of being hilarious.

Words My Turkish Grad Student Teacher Made Up By Accident On Her First Day:

Filmic - adj. Like "cinematic," but with fewer syllables.

Intertween - adj. Interpolated inside "between." Literally in the middle of the middle. Whatever's between the two things, this thing is in the very middle of that like a fuckin' molten core of iron, spinning quickly to thus provide a large magnetic field.

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