Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Of Good Fortune

I bought McDonlds today. My meal came to $5.50 and I handed the woman six. I received $4.50 in change.

Now I wondered if perhaps I had given her a ten by mistake but, no, I had no ten, I had a twenty and a five and singles, and in any event the change she gave me would only suite one ten-dollar bill, so again, no, this was fortune smiling at me.

I really thought about giving her the $4 back. It legitimately worried me briefly, but repeatedly. Was I a good person? Would God be angry? Is it selfish to assume that this is a reward for prior niceties on my part or a test of my will in the now?

In the end I kept the $4. I figured the woman was in her early thirties and pregnant, so even if the error is noticed and the culpable cashier identified, they won't fire her. Hell, she can chalk it up to hormones if she wanted to. For all I know she felt bad about short-changing the guy ahead of me and decided to balance the register and her karma in one go, I don't know.

Now I need to decide if this is better than finding a sixth nugget in your Wendy's 5-piece pouch.

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