Saturday, February 14, 2009

Of Polygymy on MTV

So I tried partying to tire myself out and maybe shifting my horrible sleep schedule back a few hours. It failed horribly. It is now 4:25pm, I have been awake for 25 minutes, answered 3 texts while asleep, and am now watching "Tru Life: I'm In A Love Triangle."

It's pretty awful. Apparently this dude Jeff got this girl preggers, so she did the coat hanger thing and they broke up (seemingly unrelated). Jeff immediately started dating some chick named Kelsey who got preggers to, but she's having it so they're staying together.

Now whoever this first chick is is getting emotionally butthurt because Jeff wants to have two simultaneous girlfriends and this Kelsey chick is vocally in favor of either two loving relationships between 3 people, or a full-up polyamorous trifecta of sexing, most likely because even sans-offspring Kelsey is the less attractive female, and very likely the kind of girl who decided at age 15 that girls are softer than boys and on-the-whole nicer, so it's best to make out with friends in order to attract the most geneticaly appealing cock and then to return to said chickernizing after said cock reveals himself to also act like … a cock.

Also, there's some blinged-out gangsta wannabe torn between his new strong-willed honey and the codependant played-out bitch he used to have, but that's not a train wreck, so I've been writing this durring his segments.

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