Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On Fenagling

After two weeks of unsuccessfully attempting to steel a specific font for my comics, of failing to find free alternatives, of Steve the Tech Guy failing as well, I broke down and asked the financial guy if he'd reimburse me the $20 to legally buy the font pack.

Horror of horrors, I know, to legally buy something that is available on the internet. Surely it exists somewhere to be had for less than the cost of a twopence whore.

But alas, no. Overhearing the conversation, my Super-Boss, Evan, Final Boss of the newspaper, beleagueredly pleaded that if I'm gonna buy anything I should tell him about it. What was it I wanted to buy anyway? I informed him: a USB hub for the computer that runs both the scanner and drawing tablet. Oh, also, a font--

How much does it cost?

Oh, like $20 if I go through the manufa--

Do it.

Really? That was it? The simple fact that fonts normally cost hundreds of dollars in licensing rights alone is enough to allow me to spring for shit we don't technically need? INCONCEIVABLE!

So yes, from now on, comics will be looking a tad more professional on our page. No longer restricted to Comic Sans MS but in the full glory of BB Alter Ego. I already have my man Steve working to upload the font to the server, to make it usable to everyone. The requisition for reimbursement is in the Business IN box. A copy of the font is on my personal computer (for legitimate telecommuting).

It almost hurts to do something legitimately, but having knowingly exhausted all illicit courses of action, it's almost gratifying to know someone else paid for it at least. Even to aid the paper, a quick Google search for discounts on the site revealed 10%-off, from the site itself. The Universe wants me to have BB Alter Ego. It's too awesome not to have.

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