Friday, February 13, 2009

Of Puzzlements

Did I seriously update this earlier? Huh. I'm more awake now than I was then. I'm sure I make less sense, but this feels less forced. I'm taking great pride in updating this daily, but it's starting to feel like taking my vitamin and remembering to brush my teeth.

I think I'm going to buy the fixin's for cookies tomorrow. I make fucking awesome cookies. Like they're fucking fucktastic. Basically, what you do is get a package of Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chips and follow the directions exactly from the back except to lump the dough onto the pan like a retarded and lobotomized mental patient who hasn't yet learned quite the right way to hold a bunny rabbit. I mean really glob that shit on there.

The cookies will come out looking like fat scones, grown bulbous and round in their complacent retirement years in the English countryside. Plus, they're stay soft in the center for like 3 weeks, so score.

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