Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bonus Post: Joanne Leads Hilarious Lives!

Speaking with Joanne, who is possible the most awesome person in the world, she revelaed that she was bummed out after a recent party in Tenn. with her beau. (That's what they call them down there, I think. It's like metric or something.)

Anyway, apparently they were talking to This Dude, and Dude was all like, "Yea, bro, I fuggin' hate skinny-ass girls. Girls under 130 lbs are just not attractive. Like you, what do you weigh?"

Now, fairly, it seems pretty clear in hindsight that This Dude was trying to say that Joanne was not unattractive and clearly above his cut-off point, however Mr. Dude obviously sucks at his math.

When Jo replied that she weighed 125, Dude had to backtrack and cover from calling his buddy's girl an ugly-ass skank. His recovery of choice? "Oh, well, you look like you weigh a lot more than you do. I mean that in a good way."

BRAVO, Mr. Dude. You are a king among dumbasses.

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