Saturday, July 18, 2009

On-The-Job Experience

Working children's clothing retail is probably the only place where it's accepted to have your hands down little girls' pants all day.

*Fun Fact: Krusty the Klown was right when he said at one time "pants" wasn't a word for polite company, though it was actually several hundred years prior to the invention of the television. "Pants" was considered quite vulgar, while "pantaloons" was preferable.

In Revolutionary France a political group emerged known as the "Sans-culottes," 'those without culottes,' poorer members of the Third Estate who worked in the fields and thus could not afford to wear and ruin fancy knee-length culottes and so donned full-length pantaloons. This class difference between culottes and pantaloons is what lead the diminutive "pants" to be considered low-class and vulgar. However, this completely ignores the fact that the wealthiest men were wearing fucking tights.

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