Saturday, July 11, 2009

News Update

Beginning tomorrow, Sunday, July 12th in the year of Our Lord Joss Whedon 2009, I, David E. Zucker, shall begin updating daily on my adventures in being called to duty as a juror for the great state of New York.

I will divulge as much of my experience as is legally allowable for as long as the matter takes. If I disappear from existence, it is only because I have been sequestered as part of some gritty, high-octane murder trial, in which case you will read all about it in my forthcoming book. (Or I could just post "Called in, they don't need me. [Joke.]" for 5 days. Either/or.)

Until then, I bid you good day. Now where did I leave my "Don't trust anyone over 30" shirt?

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