Tuesday, July 7, 2009

On A Certain Point of View

My mother came into my room today. Suffering from the intense, stuffy heat, I was seated on my bed in my underwear, pointed at the T.V. with my laptop, well, on top of my lap, as odd as that may seem.

She berated me for having done nothing with my day. Run one errand for her and I'm half naked in bed again at 6 p.m.

I told her it was unrealistic to expect so much of me only 4 hours after waking up, but if she really wanted my itinerary I had gotten up, checked email, news, and regular site updates, dressed, held correspondence with a dear friend, viewed some adorable puppy photos, ran not one but two errands for her, stopped for lunch in between, visited the book store to view the competition and returned home where I edited my writing from yesterday.

But I mean I had only been awake for 4 hours, so I could probably declare world peace if I put my shoes back on.

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