Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Nerdy Pick-up Lines

#673 - "Are those space pants? Because you can pee in those."

#416 - "That hilarious t-shirt looks really good on you. I bet it'd look even better double-bagged in a hermetically sealed display case next to my lightsaber replica and a signed copy of Action Comics No. 1."

#326 - "Tell me, how do you get into your pants? I mean really. I don't know."

#667 - "Are you an angel? Because I could swear I was on the 4th moon of Iego."

#257 - "If I told you you have a beautiful body would you email me a pic with your face in it?"

#521 - "I'm huge in base-4."

#398 - "Find f"(u) when y=3/2(u^3)•c•k where c and k are both real constants of unknown quantity.

#1 - "I don't care what my mom thinks, I'm getting a lock for my bedroom door."

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