Thursday, February 11, 2010

BONUS BLOG: On Lauren Leto and Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut on a train

“The passenger car glided across the tracks with the whoosh and gentle HUMMMN of a magnetically propelled boa constrictor. If bullet trains could think, this one, like all bullet trains, would be thinking, ‘HECK YEAH, I’M A BULLET TRAIN! YOU SEE THAT? YOU SEE THAT TREE? YEAH, THAT WAS A TREE, MAN! IT WAS JUST A BLURR! WHOOSH!’

“If the tracks could think, they would be wondering why no one ever cared enough to stop for a spell and chat with them anymore.”

This takes some explanation.

So about a month ago my friend Dean introduced me to the concept of this person Lauren Leto.

Ms. Leto is part of the brilliance behind the website–and now book–"Texts From Last Night" (TFLN), which I have failed to get my received texts onto repeatedly. I believe they have some system installed that simply knows I have condensed eighteen back-and-forths into three messages, correcting the grammar as I went.

Ms. Leto also has the above-linked blog and a Twitter feed, the thing Dean was most interested in because when he began following her, she did him the courtesy of following right back. Someone with a modicum of success living where there be sea monsters in the real world, was vaguely interested in seeing Dean post.

Now it's completely understandable that Ms. Leto ended up un-following Dean after a month or two. He contributed nothing of value, which is the point of Twitter but still. Things to do, people to Tweet. Whatever the case right around the time Dean got unfollowed, I began following @laurenleto. Soon after I began following her WordPress blog.

I made it my goal, as a writer, to get some kind of legitimate response from her and one-up Dean, like the time I accidentally made Ingrid Michaelson feel bad over Twitter and she complimented me.

Well, my friends, only a month in and my dreams are achieved. As directed by this post, "Writers On Trains," I appended my bit as a comment and left for the day, hoping to garner some kind of "Oh, that's cute," response.

Today Lauren Leto has given it its own entry, titled it "Genius," (something I will be saving for my first book jacket) and linked it back to Sound A Doggy Makes.

Thank you, Lauren Leto, though no one else would ever, you have made the dreams of this young, suburban, middle class white man's dreams come true.


  1. HAHA I unfollowed Dean because he tweeted 312 times in a row!!!!! If he promised nicely not to do that again, I might refollow

  2. I'm sure he promises. He's been quoting Kevin Smith about blocking anyone who complains about his tweet marathon, but if he sees this is the natural outcome he'll be very apologetic.


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