Friday, February 26, 2010

On Intellectual Property Theft

Double Edit!
Apparently Hot Topic just fucking loves ripping off other people's shit.
Take note:
Topic Crap one and two.

Cute, I must admit, but then here are the original buttons of copyrighted comic material from Kawaii Not:
Turned the puzzle piece, but didn't even bother to alter the camera beyond adding a flash. Same faces and artwork. Real shame, after all the integrity Hot Topic has….

Feel free to send your support/outrage to the appropriate sources. I'm fucking tired of people stealing shit and passing it off as their own. Especially this week. This week has been fucked up with it. Hope you choke on a pair of red-and-black striped knee-high Converse All-Stars.

EDIT: Actually it turns out these guys were very nice and apologized to Vera Brosgol personally. In their defense, they probably just bought an unethical designer's work, and they now are responsible for buying back a few thousand unsellable shirts, which Hot Topic and Merch Direct are already taking down.

That said, I'm simply going to replace "Pierce the Veil" and related links or terms in this entry with the words "Peanut Butter," because this blog is still a valid criticism on intellectual property theft, which is occurring constantly.

Sorry, but today's post has been preempted. Preempted by rage.

There will be nothing funny here, except perhaps the amusing ways in which i colorfully curse the band "PEANUT BUTTER" for being hypocritical money-grubbing cock bandits with no regard for personal property.
Fucktards PEANUT BUTTER, moronically labels themselves "indie," despite being signed to a record label and having their shit sold in fucking HotTopic.

They advertise every piece of merchandise they produce on their myspace, and I don't mean they advertise everything there, I mean they seem to have a different fucking ad for every piece of shit they sell.

Oh, but not all of it is shit. This piece is pretty nice:

Maybe because it's stolen from this:
an original piece by independent artist Vera Brosgol.

Please note, in addition to stealing it, emo bitches PEANUT BUTTER heteronormalized it into a straight couple. Then they made it inexplicably a straight couple of zombies, because maybe then we wouldn't notice.


Apparently being materialistic, unethical and avaricious is not enough for these walking retarded haircuts.

In their effort to gain fame and fortune strictly on the merits of sounding exactly like every other fucking screaming emo band in the last five years, these assholes have decided that if they're going to rip off someone no one outside the independent art community has heard of, they might as well make more money ripping off something everybody has heard of.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "Glow Monster":
Yes, that is blatantly, flagrantly, and apparently fragrantly, Crumb, of Nickelodeon's Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. If there was any doubt in your mind as to weather perhaps Ms. Brosgol simply allowed her work to be traced, recolored and stripped of all its inherent meaning, this should dispel that.

I am reasonably sure that Nickelodeon did not allow their 1990s animated property to be reprinted without notation on t-shirts sold by a majestically foul band with zero popularity.

Face it, they couldn't even secure the rights to www.PEANUT BUTTER.COM. It's a redirect to fucking New Age book ads by a middle-aged couple that looks like it was recently moved over from Geocities.

In summation, friend these fuckers on PEANUTBUTTERbook, MyPEANUTBUTTERspace, wherever and tell them they're fucking asshats. Tell them they're thieving, criminal fuckers unworthy of even the small modicum of playing ability they've been granted by The Universe and autotuning studio equipment.

Fuck you, PEANUT BUTTER. You PEANUT nothing. You reveal nothing new of nature or music. You are untalented, thieving hacks.

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