Sunday, February 21, 2010

On Dreams

Last night I had some stomach/side/back/everything muscle aches, so I slept weird, tossing and turning and otherwise giving myself some pretty bizarre dreams.

Anyway I remember becoming good friends with Jane Krakowski, demanding she become my new "30 Rock friend." We would watch the show together, but as I hugged her creepily I also demanded she "not give anything away," in new episodes, "because then [she]'d be a bitch."

After this I watched some zombie-movie that might have been partially set in the Firefly universe, but obviously watching an outbreak on a news report was boring so my brain flew me through the TV screen and into the fray.

There I was inundated by slow, dumb zombies and a few fast runners, one of which was played by Ethan Suplee, of successful fat kid fame.

Anyway, the church was filled with all zombies sitting calmly in their pews, still holding their bibles, which is a hilarious shot I have never seen used and is such a wonderful religious commentary.

So then I tried to get away by climbing a tree. Hey, I was surrounded. Unfortunately it was one of those little saplings they plant in industrial areas that never quite stop being red even in Summer. It did not go well, especially since my being asleep hindered my climbing acumen.

After that I woke up and a thought occurred to me. What would it be like to have dinner at George A. Romero's house?

Me: "… What kind of soup is this??"
George A. Romero: "People."
Me: "…"
George A. Romero: "No, I'm kidding! It's tomato-lentil."

What a weird guy.

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