Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On MTV and Time Travel

No, BearCat Bummers is not updating again. These jokes simply had a lot of visual components. That and I've been meaning to draw more. Anyway, the point is if I ever own a horse I want to put flame decals on it.

It occurred to me that MTV has basically been rehashing the same shows season after season for over a decade now. Likewise, other networks are ripping off those same shows for nearly as long, and all this is happening on a 1-to-1 time scale.


Wouldn't it be more interesting if, say, instead of watching the gay guy from Real World season 7 and the drunk bitch from Road Rules season 4 race for some vague idea of immunity on Real World/Road Rules Challenge season 2, we watched The Real World: 1775?

Imagine Ben Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, George III and Benedict Arnold all living together under one log cabin roof. What would happen when these people stopped casting off the tyrannical shackles of colonialism politely and started getting real?

Washington: "There's a letter from the hosts, guys. Apparently we all need to get jobs today. If we all pick up a shift at the juice bar I think we can earn enough to buy groceries."

George III: "Mmmm … no. No, I don't think so. Just levy a tax on importing juice."

Jefferson: "Damnit, Third, do even have the slightest idea how economies work."

George III: "I believe I have a man for that."

Jefferson: "Yeah. Me!"

Franklin: "Boys, boys, let's not get out of hand here. Why don't we all just get naked and open all the windows and talk this out?"

Hancock: "Ben! This is not the time!"

Arnold: "I think it's a great idea!"

Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, in unison: "Aaaar-nooooold!!"

See, I bet you didn't know Ben Franklin was a really creepy nudist. However while he was America's diplomat to France he became estranged from his wife and family and spent years abroad living in hotels, hosting "air-baths" in which everyone was supposed to get naked and bask in the fresh air. Or only he would. Whatever you were comfortable with. Creepy old Ben Franklin.

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