Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Car Insurrance Spokespersons I Would Rail Out and Why

1. Top of the list, the strung out bimbo from the Allstate ad "with a hot guy," portrayed by Angela Sarafyan of The Good Guys.

Why I Would Rail Her Out: Hot, strung out girl in a slutty dress and affinity for "dark" men. Had a one-episode spot on Buffy and grabbed sexy librarian geek cred with The Good Guys. So a hot girl with daddy issues and low self esteem. Pretty much a dream girl.

2. Erin Esurance.

Why I Would Rail Her Out: Sexy spy(?) with a leather fetish and an interest in saving money? She's like a Jewish James Bond heroine. Also, If there's anything I learned from Brad Pitt in "Cool World," it's that if I bang a cartoon, I'll become an immortal doodle myself.

3. Flo, from Progressive Insurance.

Why I Would Rail Her Out: Killer hair, crazy eyes, and at least in this picture it looks like she has a thing for singing along to Elvis. Plus, we went to the same college, so there's my ice-breaker.

And on a completely heteronormative side note, I would love to go out drinking with Flo and Angela's male counterparts, The Messenger, Mayhem, Black Guy Baritone, and I think Geico's Mad Men Man. Maybe the Gecko. He seems like a partier.

I hated "The Hangover," but this is absolutely the crew I would want with me
if I had to go through something like that.

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