Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spam Subject Lines That Are Worth Your Time

Ever since I found out a Mac's email client has a 'bounce' feature to delete spam mail and send a delivery failure, no known address message to the bot server, I've been pretty excited to get me some spam. However, I've been using Gmail as my primary for years now, so the old POP3 ID doesn't get much play these days. Even if I have to manually delete from the spam folder, knowing I can't stop them from arriving, Gmail has left me a few gems here and there:

Exotic Oriental Fetish
"You might be thinking to yourself, how come an exotic Oriental fetish such as bukkake could..."
– From Lew

I am overwhelmed what can people do with females!
"I came by this website..."
– From rofl penelope

Is this a male or female? I cannot tell. Can you?
"Take a look at the picture..."
– From Paulina Eliot

I learned what females do on a farm. NEVER leave them there unattended!
"Never leave your madam on a farm lone..."
– From Rosamond Lolly

Separation Grounds. Creatures Involved.
"That is the argument Cameron launched the divorce of his spouse. She not..."
– From Harry

Prepare your left hand.
"Make your left hand and a tissue available. Send your gal away. Come forward to...
– From Rudolf Tobias

Beakup Justifications. Animals Involved.
– From Lucas

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