Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Of Strong Women

Saw this little number at the movie theater a couple days ago. I like to think the rider and I were star-crossed lovers who just narrowly avoided meeting during our showing of X-Men: First Class.

My compatriots wet straight to the gay jokes about the bike, but I immediately thought of the rider. This was ablest I wanted to meet and then shortly thereafter bed. I mean I've had a thing for strong women since Jessica Alba was all cute-and-deadly (and kid of a catgirl) in "Dark Angel." then it was Buffy and Summer Glau's River Tam/Terminator hot-killer-girl-in-boots duo of awesome. What can I say? I've hot a thing for small women who can kick my ass. Ask my high school buddies.

The "Legion of Doom" gang logo just kind of cinched it for me. I want this bike's rider.

Fuck. Unless it was this guy.

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