Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Red-Letter Day in the Twittersphere

So apparently hilarious singer-lady/hot-stuff Amanda Palmer is supporting the hashtag "FuckPlanB." It has something to do with being proud of our dreams and following through, or at least not getting bogged down with the sad truth that most of us likely won't live out our original Plan A life.

Actually, fuck you guys. My childhood Plan A was a lawyer or a particle physicist until I learned I liked thinking and arguing, but not–you know–math or legal procedures. Now I'm a professional writer and I'm way more badass than 98% of the accountants out there. (Actuaries are kind of hardcore, actually.)

Anyway … I've dug Ms. Palmer since I heard "Do You Swear to Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth?" It's also the only song of hers I've heard, but it's awesome and there's like three song names in that one title, so I consider it a full EP, at least. I also this year found out that she is married to writer Neil Gaiman, which completely explains why he's just 'randomly' in her short film homage to epic muppet movie The Labyrinth.

Well, I don't follow either of these cool kids on the Twitters. Actually, I follow hemi-nocturnal nerds who draw comics and frequently have no idea what's going on in other counter-circles. Questionable Content's Jeph Jacques, for example.

This was kind of a double-win win for me. How'd I manage the D-W on this? First, I got the reply tweet by someone more famous than myself. Then I nailed the response from one of my favorite artists. I already got a couple from Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots, but Jeph was kind of the one to usher me into webcomics outside Penny Arcade and Megatokyo.

Then I got a Triple-Win(!) when some dude retweeted me and called me "Genius," so that was nice. Guess I gotta find a new favorite famous person to get tweeted at, but that's a downside I'm pretty happy to have to deal with.

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