Saturday, June 11, 2011

On Dreams XII: I'm Running Out of Subtitles

I dream about being chased by enthralled masses quite often. I think my brain decided zombies were too easy to put down, being already dead. The brainwashed living, though, those I have reservations about, and often I'll wait too long and be close to real danger for want of not harming them, even from a legal standpoint.

This time I was with others. The stabbing is pretty common in my dreams now, but that might change if I learn how to fire a gun, and I'm always very hesitant to do it. This was the first time my knives were big or sharp enough to do real damage anyway, and the first time I had to stab more or less normal, feeling people.

They still wanted to kill us and I had people to protect, so after the first stab-and-run it got easier to accept as a necessity, but still not easy to do.

Then I was captured and had to confront the cult leader, Robin Williams in a high school of brainwashed students. I gave a speech to the cult of kids and told them to be nice to each other and try new things, and I misquoted the lead singer of the defunct local band Brunswick, saying, "Do sex, do drugs, do rock and roll."

They cheered when I yelled to just be nice to each other.

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