Monday, June 13, 2011

On Creative Accounting

I recently realized, since I am a professional writer, pretty much anything I purchase specifically to be blogged about here is a business expense. That's pretty sweet, say, any time I want to see a new movie and then come home and bitch about it here anyway. It just seemed like that would be something kind of hard to sneak past my accountant.

Oh wait, I use Turbo Tax.

And I do it myself. Because I don't earn enough to need an accountant. Honestly, I'm a pretty strict guy. I really stick it to myself and make sure I spent at least as long composing my responses to X-Mens and variously colored lanterns and elaborate foodstuffs as I did watching/reading/eating said "business expenses." I'm really kind of an asshole. I'm sure if I remembered what it was like to be my age, I'd let myself write off all kinds of drugs and hookers, and call them "writing aides" and "creative consultants."

But my accountant is a cranky old man who never likes to have any fun.

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