Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who Wants Laser Eyes? - Extremely focused scientists unaware of awesome research applications

A science team has discovered a way of inserting fluorescent jellyfish genes into human liver cells which, when bombarded with blue light, causes the cell to radiate laser light.

Their interpretation is that a living creature engineered to have this trait in its cells, suitably filled with nano-scale metallic particles for reflectance, could discharge lasers from its every cell, which would be great for medical diagnostics. Like an inside-out x-ray. Neat.



Did you just say that we can selectively introduce to human cells, locally–say, in an eye?–the ability to discharge certain EM light frequencies which, when their oscillation is amplified by a semi-transparent mirror system–er, ruby-quartz glasses perhaps?–they shoot out fucking lasers?

Did you just honestly explain a possible, functional analogue to X-Men's Cyclops and not notice it? How do you not notice it? You're a nerd. You're a fucking laser nerd. How did you not notice it? Like 90% of what you do all day is probably covered by Superman/X-Men laser eye jokes. How did you not see this?

"It's fucking SCIENCE!"
The only explanation is you're keeping a tight lid on this so you can give yourself laser eyes before anyone else gets wind of it. Awesome.

But realistically, it'll still look like a nerd at a Star Trek convention….

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