Friday, July 22, 2011

9 and a Half Reasons To Go See Captain America

Marvel's last Avengers prequel is out, today, and it's the prequel to all Avengers prequels. [If you want to watch them in chronological order, it would be Cap, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, then Iron Man 2, with it's final act overlapping with the very beginning of Thor.] Chris Evans redeems himself for ever becoming the Human Torch by becoming the (other) Big Blue Boyscout.

In case you needed a reason to see The First Avenger other than "I saw the last four," and, "I'm seeing Avengers," here's a few you can thaw out.

1. I'm pretty sure the Red Skull took a potshot at Indiana Jones. "The Fuhrer digs for trinkets in the desert." Clearly Hydra chose not to employ Major Toht in Egypt.
So that's what happened to the Red Skull!
 2. For all you literary nerds out there: it's a frame tale. For that matter, it's something of a Frankenstein Vs. Good Frankenstein kind of movie.

3. Pretty much every scene with Cap as a U.S.O. propaganda machine.
  • The costumes.
  • During a montage, a bunch of kids in Brooklyn are shown reading the first issue of "Captain America" the comic book, and it's the classic 'punching Hitler' cover.
4. Howard Stark. Dominic Cooper's not exactly Robert Downy Jr., but he's definitely the man's dad.

"Say whaaaaaaat?"
4a. "Fondue." (Trust me.)

5. Bucky.

6. BUCKY!!

7. Aeronautics nerds: Two words. "Fyling. Wing."  

8. *Mini-Spoiler* One scene takes place in Times Square, and if you look closely you will see billboards for 'Bank of America,' 'American Eagle,' and 'Planet Hollywood.' Edgy.

9. The Post-Credits. If it wasn't patently obvious after four other films, Cap has a post-credits scene.

*Complete spoiler you really need to read anyway*

This scene isn't so much a scene as a fully-fledged, extra-long teaser for The Avengers. You can even catch glimpses of Loki, Cap's 'modern' costume and pretty much every hero in full get-up (except Dr. Bruce Banner, but I'd guess he'll be the wildcard). If you see anyone walking out of the theater during the credits, feel free to yell and throw popcorn at them until they retake their seats.

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