Saturday, July 30, 2011

Being A 'Foodie' in a Roomful of Drinkers Is Like Rooting for the Away Team

There's a whole bunch of drunk dudes sitting around. Some have been drinking at home, some have been out, but suddenly everyone is together and one guy makes himself some mac & cheese.

Now it's a food free-for-all.

Who can find the most delicious consumable first? Who can find just what they want?

What's that? Dave has a box of leftover fillet mignon and mushroom Beef Wellington bites in the fridge? Really? Well, I suppose those will sustain us through further imbibing.

It's good you say?

Man, some days I get sad all my friends love drinking more than eating. Then I remember it's okay that I drink like a tiny, frail old lady, because I nearly need a change of pants every time I get to make myself dinner.

All the ladies love eating with Dave.

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