Friday, July 15, 2011

Portland Strip Clubs Are Weird

Our friend Matt was in town this past week, and this little statement got uttered:

"The thing about Portland strip clubs is …"

Is what? All the dancers have MFAs?

The girls all sort of look alike in that they have close-cropped hair, gauged ears, chest tattoos and start out wearing plaid?

They the stage music is by a band you've probably never heard of?

The the proprietor in dominatrix boots doesn't just wear a schoolgirl outfit, she holds a doctorate in library sciences?

Actually, it turns out the truth is almost better than those jokes (which might also actually be true):

Most of the strip clubs in Portland carry microbrews at $3-4 a pint. And at least one is owned by a dairy farm mogul, so at his place you can get a steak and good beer for about $10 while you watch a reasonably attractive woman getting naked on stage.

Then again, she's more garnish on the potatoes at that type of place.

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