Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Obama Raises Debt Ceiling to Fight The Machines, Escape the Matrix

Tech news site of Wall Street Journal publisher Dow Jones, All Things D is reporting that Obama's plea to the American people to call their representatives and end the insane, flip-flopping opposition to any plan to deal with national debt has caused several key opposition leaders' websites to crash under the torrent of calls.

Chief among them being Representative John Boehner.

This flood of calls, overwhelming phone and web servers with regular usage in irregular volume, is exactly what hacker groups call "DDoS" attacks. "Digital Denial of Service." It's what Anonymous hackers keep using to piss off Visa and Of course, politicians have told people to call and write their congressmen for decades. Barack Obama would never intentionally crash his opposition's websites, right?

I mean.

Unless, guys, could President Obama be Morpheus?

And does that mean … dear God. The new, skinny white guy no one has any faith in? Oh no.

I think Joe Biden might be The One.
"There is no debt ceiling….Whoa."

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