Thursday, July 21, 2011

On Dreams XIII: Dreams Gone Wild!

I fell asleep early tonight, which means I woke up after ridiculous dreams.

Apparently I was hunting a bad Si-Fi channel movie called "(Tiger) Kitten Shark." It was based off a song by bang "A.B.I.," which my brain made up and–when questioned–decided was a terrible acronym for Ace of Bass. The weird thing was, while I was hunting the movie "(Tiger) Kitten Shark," I'm pretty sure I was looking for it because I was being hunted by a real (Tiger) Kitten Shark!

It's basically a terrible Si-Fi movie monster. One of the DeLouise kids had to be in it, seriously. It looks like two smoking hot babes in different bikinis (lateral non-symetry? Must be a government-bred mutant), usually but not always riding an orca-shaped inflatable water toy. At least, it looks like that from the neck(s) down.

That's right, you always see it from underwater, with the head(s) above so you think you're just about to hit on some sexy ladies at the beach. Little do you know that above those lithe and toned vertebrae, the (Tiger) Kitten Shark has the heads of two terrifying …


Oh, but it can tear a man to pieces in a matter of seconds and eats several people a day to feed it's bloodthirsty appetite.

I also remember a pretty sweet hot rod minivan, running on all fours and picking up my laundry I forgot at college, but from my step-mother.

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