Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On Networking

Last night I ordered some sesame beef and white rice from the little place down the street, then threw on some clothes to pick it up. Just some jeans from yesterday and my college t-shirt I usually sleep in but today was freshly washed. Oh, and slippers. Slippers that are fully soled moccasins, but slippers nonetheless. Who cares, it's the local Chinese place?

Well there was exactly one other guy waiting on dinner and he was incredibly clean-cut, in very nice suit pants and a crisp white shirt, designer classes and a bluetooth headset, and I later saw him driving an excessively sporty Nissan.

And he went to my college. We shook hands, traded first names and years and majors. He was poly-sci, entering law school. I told him we recently were deciding whether or not to just build one and keep our alumni. He seemed impressed.

So the moral of the story is dress like a schlub, but a schlub of identifiable allegiance.

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