Saturday, March 31, 2012

Christian Singles

"We have so much in common! We both love Jesus, coffee, sitting oddly on furniture,
apparently physical fitness from our clothes, and neither one of us waxes our eyebrows!"
I'm Jewish.

Not so much in a religious sense, or even so much a cultural sense, but in the "Hitler would demand my death" sense. In any event, it's enough for paperwork.

So why, then, does Christian Singles persist in sending me emails?

Is it some kind of elaborate plot at conversion? The Spanish Inquisition didn't go over that well in the Jewish community–and now everyone expects it–so maybe they church is trying a more-flies-with-honey approach. 'Look! She's pretty! She wants to love you forever! In a subservient but ultimately equal in your close, personal three-way with the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!'

Somehow, that doesn't seem very marketable fr the world wide train wreck. More likely, it's sent as an attempt to fetishize The Other in my eyes.

"Oh yeah! These Gentle Gentiles will do ANYTHING you want, ALL NIGHT, EVEN ON A FRIDAY! Come on in and praise their lord, and get ready to proclaim 'Jesus is just alright with ME!"

Or it's automated. Whichever.

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  1. Hello, I also receive emails (unsolicited) from the Christian Singles and a few other dating sites. I am not Jewish, however, I follow the Buddhist teachings.
    I believe the phenomenon began when a group of parishioners felt a need to boost the attendance at services. I list of emails were 'borrowed', since theft is unlawful and a sin, from one or two of them who worked in real estate or insurance. The emails flew, and spread as all things do on the internet. Rapidly! forwards, shares, tweets, and cc are sent each other on a list and so on.
    Take heart, my friend, it too shall pass and when it does a 'new idea' will slip into your cell and play a remix of Avi Maria + bali-wood.


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