Friday, March 9, 2012

On Apathy

Maybe a year ago I created two groups on facebook, invited all my friends, then promptly left the groups myself. The two groups were one of those contests between two states, New York and California in this case. The idea: pit the two against each other in a competition to see which state was the most apathetic.

The idea was simple: whichever state got the most members, obviously, lost.

No one really got it. There was a flood of new users. Last time I checked, I think New York was more apathetic, something like 12-16?

Ah, but seeing today, facebook "migrated" all the old groups, meaning I'm the only member in anything now, and I'd have to reinvite anyone else. Rather, I think I will kill both groups and let all the states be equally apathetic.

Except Kansas. Everyone's been pretty nice there.

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