Sunday, March 4, 2012

Homeless People and Tourists Both Do A Lot of Sitting

Saw one of these in New York City last weekend. Thought it was a little unnecessary, but in a "simple, cold-hearted solution to a human problem" sort of way.

"How can we keep homeless people from sitting on the very convenient seat that is our fire hydrants?"

"Well, how about we slap the bottom half of a bear trap on top?"

"Brilliant. Let's call lunch."

Seemed kind of weird at the time. I mean, one thick coat or a backback solves the problem entirely, but I guess that's what all the door men in orange vests were for. Still, what was so special about this building? Why protect these sprinklers and not, say, the ones across the street or even one building down.

It was the Empire State Building, that was probably it. Had to break my "No Looking Up in New York" rule, but with all the tourists around a native can usually get away with glancing skyward for a second or two.

And yes, I'm aware that not knowing I was wandering past the State Building makes me seem like less of a native. Shut up.

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