Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thomas and Friends: Non-Stop Ass-to-Mouth All Day

Does it bother no one that anyone not an A-Lister in Thomas the Tank Engine, anyone whose toy has a magnet on both ends, is effectively going ass-to-mouth all day long?

You think they get hazard pay for that?

Or do they just do it because they like it?

At least I didn't make a "Human Centipede" joke. I just ripped off Kevin Smith. That's way more tasteful.


  1. Does this still apply to the cars that don't have faces? Does the orange train (that's right I only know Thomas and Percy) have it as bad if he's trailing behind the car that's obviously full of coal? Or is that worse, because there are probably bits of coal flying in his face all day...

  2. Only the cars with faces, unless those are secretly wearing gimp masks to hide them. I picked up a toy version today and he had a magnet under his face AND his back, so he's definitely not an engine or caboose. He's a switch.


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