Monday, March 5, 2012

How I Know I'm A Failure | Taxes

Here's how I know I'm a failure:

I was working out my taxes, thinking if I didn't get much back I might take a second pass at them. Last year, I got a $14 refund. It was pretty sweet.

This year? Let's just say when I saw that little ticker calculate my TurboTax refund, I did a quadruple-check on their guarantee and it "submit" before my laptop and the laws of mathematics decided to glance back my way.

So to reiterate, here's how I know I'm a failure:

1. I'm not rich enough to only complain about how much I pay in taxes

2. I'm actually excited about getting anything back, because…

3. …I make so little any return is actually going to affect my life.

And while we're at it, let's include 4. I feel the need to complain about getting a tax refund and I think it's worthy of blogging about when I could feed a small tribal community for a year were I to convert my refund into the local currency and surreptitiously mail it to their community.

Then again, if I'm passive-aggressively flaunting my new found wealth and prosperity, I certainly must be a success after all. I patiently await my Illuminati induction invitation.

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