Monday, April 30, 2012

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens: Sakura Matsuri 2012

*Disclaimer: thoughts and images are unrelated, except when they new not.


Sakura Fest and comic con: only places I can see cute girls in costume, think "those can't be real!" and mean their wigs.

By rate of expansion, eventually Times Sqaure will be populated by nothing but amateur photographers snapping photos of other amateur photographers.

I rarely use the expression "lost in thought," but I've been daily exiting an idea wondering where I am, what I was doing, and how I got there.

After panic, I generally just placate myself with the idea of being an absentminded professor, minus the graduate work.

The most effective description I can give of new York city civil engineering is you would never want to lick anything. Which seems odd to say, I know, but no where is it more readily apparent than new York.

Why was Deadpool at a Cherry Blossom festival? Is it because participants in the anime costume contest got in for free?

No. It's because Deadpool fucking loves flowers.

Oh, and this was just an Obama-dazzled t-shirt. Change those rhinestones, baby.

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