Thursday, April 26, 2012

Alright, Maybe I'll Go Organic Just This Once

I'll bite, I pay a little more for my organic milk, even with cheaper options. I don't do that on anything, unless the quality is legitimately, markedly better in a verifiable way, and even then the price has to be in the realm of reasonableness.

Nope, this milk is like $4.27 a half-gallon.

But whatever. One benefit is that "No antibiotics, artificial hormones, preservatives, laxatives, fertilizer, MSG, whatever" sticker means my skin cleared the hell up when I switched in college. I'm a big fan of less not-food in my food. Condiments out the cow's wazoo, but I don't need bovine growth hormone.

I need human growth hormone, geeze.

Of course, the side benefit is that this stuff lasts way longer than 'regular' milk should, though I suppose this is more 'regular' in a sense. But, like, way longer. I'm regularly seeing dates three weeks to a month later than the plain, chemically enhanced milk.
  • Financial takeaway: You will see a small return as you purchase more expensive milk, but never once throw any away for going bad. Over years, this accumulates and you may end up saving money in the long run.
  • Medical takeaway:
 What the fuck are they putting in my old milk to make it die faster??

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