Monday, April 9, 2012

Christianity Makes 3 Point Conversion, Turns Jew's Heart

It occurred to my yesterday that Jesus must have been the son of God.

He's the only person to ever overcome the deadly T-virus and resist zombification by sheer force of will.

Here's a shortlist of other characters capable of such a feet:
  • Hal Jordan
  • Batman
  • Alice Abernathy from Resident Evil
  • Son-Goku, Dragon Ball Z
 And in Jesus' defense, Hal's both gone insane and was resurrected not of his own power, Batman has both been mind controlled and was only clinically 'dead' for a few seconds at a time, Alice was a genetic anomaly/mutation who never actually died, and Goku had to be wished back from the dead with magic alien dragon testicles. So, you know, Go Team Jesus.

And if that wasn't offensive enough for you, I hope you had a wonderful Easter! That glorious day celebrating the time Son-Jesus was wished back from the dead by Saint Krilin and Pico-Peter after he died and descended to Hell to fight the red and blue trolls/free the patriarchs, and then trained under King Kai to master the spirit bomb or something.

Anyway, I hope you're full of candy.

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