Friday, April 20, 2012

Hipster Baby Names

You have my word, in about nine years you're going to be seeing a lot of kids named:
"I'm set to play Kurt and Blane's adopted son
Glee next season, but what are you up to?"
  • Helvetica
  • Patrick Barton Russel
  •  Felix
  •  Hemp
  • Florence and The Machine
  • Williamsburg
  • Eugene (I'd say "Portland," but that'd get too popular too fast)
  •  Kickstarter/Etsy/Pinterest/Any name ending in "-gram."
  • You've Probably Never Heard of It (This one's going to be a bitch at day-care.)
  • Borroughs
  • John, but only ironically.
And for twins: "Margot" and "The Nuclear So-and-Sos." But nobody will like Margot.

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