Friday, October 19, 2012

Adventures at the DMV

So I drove down to the DMV today to get new plates and make alterations to the title and registration. I'm not saying the DMV, like all DMVs is in a low-class neighborhood, but this was the mannequin outside the privately owned denim shop/Boost Mobile retailer that shares the complex with the DMV, an army recruiting station, and an insurance brokerage.

I couldn't get a side view without looking like a creeper, but that mannequin is tiny legs and waist with a HUGE ass. I mean disproportionate to the rest of it huge. Basically, this was the inspiration for Sit Mixalot's seminal classic "Baby Got Back," is what I'm saying.

And now I'm imagining an better version of the 1987 film Mannequin updated to feature Ice Cube and half the still-living cast of Friday.

Directed by Tyler Perry.

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