Friday, October 5, 2012

Star Wars Reads Day

Come on down to Barnes & Noble in Mohegan Lake tomorrow for Star Wars Reads Day, a cross-publisher celebrations of childhood wonder and literacy. We'll be hosting events and prizes, all dressed up to be awesome-slash-ridiculous.

In honor of that, here are three Star Wars jokes I just made up and they are truly, truly corny. Perfect for the children we are trying to teach to love IV-VI and loathe I-III, just like we held our parents' prejudices ourselves.

Q: How many Sith lords does it take to change a lightsaber?

A: Two. Always two, there are.

Q: Why did the Wookie cross the road?

A: Why ever he wanted to, no one's gonna stop him.

Q: Ponda Baba and an R5-unit walk into a bar. The bartender points at the droid and says to Baba, "Your droid, we don't serve their kind here. You'll have to secure it outside." Baba says, "Could you give me a hand?"

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