Monday, October 1, 2012

Living the Dream

Recently at work we discovered Star Wars Reads Day, a national day of events for major retailers celebrating childhood reading through Star Wars, because Star Wars is awesome. Every publisher having anything to do with the franchise works together because it's Star Wars.

That's ridiculous. And possible collusion, really.

Anyway, we got tasked with doing a whole bunch of things Saturday, October 6th for this, and–being the giant nerd I am–I was all over it, to such an extent they've put me in charge of running the shebang.

Adventures in getting permissions and a budget such aside, I get paid to do this:

And design large childrens games like this:

Somewhere deep inside me, the little boy who won the kids trivia contest at Celebration I in Denver, CO back in May of 1999 is screaming in excitement and trying to figure out how he can enter the raffle too.

Sometimes, you know you're exactly where you're supposed to be in life. Especially when there's twin suns to light your way.

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