Friday, October 26, 2012

Leading Questions Better Left Unasked: Honda

I saw a commercial for the Honda Civic tonight. Twice. It showed a Toyota dealer talking up all the buttons in a Toyota, although none of them were an analogue to Honda's apparently proprietary "Econ" button.

Just switch it on and save on gas mileage.


You mean there's a button on my car, and if I press it it will save me money on gas.

You assholes. Why would you even make that a button? Why not make it a default part of the car? If I can have my car automatically adjust its performance to improve energy efficiency, wouldn't I want that on always?

Is this like "OverDrive" again? Is it just another thing no one has any comprehension of and should just leave on constantly? Is there, like, that one strange scenario where I need to tow a raft full of orphaned Boy Scouts and three-legged puppies to safety before they tumble over the side of a sheer cliff face where I should turn that feature off? Because I really can't imagine a situation where I would want more inefficient gas mileage.

Is that the trick? I have to know how and when to switch the button on? And if I screw it up, I'm really not getting the most out of my car, am I?

But then again, we couldn't give the job of making that decision over to the car's computer, could we? Not and risk the inevitable outcome of Judgement Day.

The Honda Civic: because fuck Skynet.

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