Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On Hot Suace

I just knocked a hot sauce packet behind my radiator.

A cursory glance indicated it was immediately gone forever. A more detailed examination did nothing to dissuade me from this belief. I shined a light down there. I pressed my head upon the wall and squinted the one eye I could squash up against it, and I rearranged my glasses and, yeah, it's there, teasing me. I put a tape-covered stick down there but collected only dust from untold years of accumulated filth. Basically, unless I take the entire unit off the wall, or demolish the house itself, that hot sauce is staying where it is.

Up-shot: it is sealed, so at least my room won't smell like tomato paste forever.

Down-side: I hope it doesn't catch fire or explode and rain fiery tomato paste everywhere.

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