Friday, December 21, 2012

Awful Gift Combinations

Someone came into the bookstore today and bought a copy of Digest Diet, the Reader's Digest oficial fat-burning diet book, and a dark chocolate and peppermint truffle bar.

What a dick.

I can promise you this unibomber-looking dude was not buying for himself. And if he wasn't completely oblivious, he was one of the most passive-aggressive men in America.

Other Terrible Gift Combinations:
  • Windshield fuzzy dice, a Gas & Go prepaid card, and a bottle of scotch
  • A smoke detector and a dime bag
  • A Ku Klux Klan membership and a DVD copy of Friday After Next
  • A hit of acid and a sensory deprivation chamber
  • A tank of laughing gas and a David Spade movie
  • Tickets to Cirque du Soleil and a seeing eye dog
  • Ben Afleck's Daredevil, Jersey Girl, and Gigli, and the number for your local suicide prevention hotline

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