Monday, December 17, 2012

What's Up With Kyrie Irving's Mask?

A buddy put on the Nicks game last night. Believe me, I had nothing to do with this decision.

Then I saw this guy Kyrie Irving. He apparently broke his jaw and was playing with protective gear over it. Here's a picture of his apparatus:

I don't buy it.

The story is too convenient. "Broke his jaw" indeed. I have some competing theories though:
  • He was horribly burned as a child
  • He does not want Batman to know his secret identity
  • He is the rightful heir to the French monarchy
  • Having been left for dead by the deadly Cavendish gang, Texas Ranger Kyrie Irving is nursed back to health by Native American medicine man Tonto, but chooses to remain among the lost in order to better mete out justice to dastardly men across the American West.


  1. You are such a tool for this post LMAO. Kyrie is such a talented player regardless of the mask, so why hate? Just keep sitting behind your desk typing away with your fingers while he's out there making a name for himself. Easy to bash anyone but takes the balls you don't have to make a name at a pro level like he has

  2. I love when people comment on my blog.


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