Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jesus Came for YOU

Some gung-ho Christian left this button at our store last night. As far as proselytizing goes, it's pretty passive-aggressive. Now I'm all about pieces of flair, even being Jewish, but I don't think I can wear this one.


"He came for you."

… in the middle of the night? Did he wait outside my window, hush-hushing me to keep me from waking my parents, lest we never make it to Neverland?

Or perhaps it is more lurid than that. I mean sure, Jesus was known to hang around lepers and a prostitute or two, and he was probably married to a smart young woman called the Magdalena who the Church libeled, and there's a whole branch of French royalty who claim descendance from those two, but Jesus was a family show.

And I'm pretty sure there's something about not "spilling your seed" on the open Earth. Plus that's a baby Jesus on the button. That raises some serious pedophilia issues even a Protestant wouldn't want to touch.

Maybe he caught it in his hand?

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