Monday, August 24, 2009

On Growing Up 2: The Growening

There are some days when you realize just how old you've become. Other days you laugh and laugh and laugh.

Tonight I have completely and perfectly by accident stumbled upon a photo of my friends from high school, in our high school gym mind you, posted to 4chan's "Hardcore" discussion board in a "jailbait" thread.

Now let me stress, this is hilarious. These are people I have broken bread with. Quite literally in some instances. And I can attest that when this image was taken, these girls were indeed what is referred to as "jailbait," so yes, you should feel a little bad about yourself.

When we were in school together we debated who would be most likely be in a porno. We then decided that the vertical girl at center was most likely to accidentally appear on a porn site. Incredibly enough this is the second time this picture has popped up on the porn radar, just the first time I found out about it first. I was not lucky enough to catch who posted it but that's the whole point of anonymity I guess. Still, the fact that someone pulled this off and I happened to be wondering through is hilarious. I mean the odds are just staggeringly stacked against it. Wow.
Yes, my friends, we truly live in the best and worst of times.

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  1. Heh, you know, I once found a professional nudie photo shoot of a girl I am 90% sure was my best friend's ex. I should have saved it, it would have made a story.


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