Monday, August 10, 2009

On Growing Up

A friend of mine recently landed a job as a bartender in a bar that does not serve alcohol.

This requires some explanation. You see, his grandma recently died.

Right, because that clears things up. No, his grandma died so they had an estate sale. Helping a woman carry some chairs out to her car she thanked him profusely and offered up the irrevocable "Well, if there's anything I can ever do for you…."

This of course led to a job inquiry, which inevitably led to some bonehead calling out one night requiring my friend to come in and BAM! Job.

Now the complicated part.

This woman, Bridgit, who is incredibly awesome, is also the new owner of this bar which she is reopening. Part of this reopening requires her to reapply for health and liquor licenses, as she does not currently have them. This explains why her bar has no alcohol.

Now yes, it's a pub, so it has deep frier and can serve snacks and sodas, but for the most part it is a bar open 7 days a week without the draw of liquor.

So needless to say the place is dead all night.

A bunch of us drive up tonight and our friend is napping on the pool table. The four of us basically sat around watching Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, playing pool, and mooching fried animal products for a couple hours. When it was time to close up the bar had seen no one but two take-out orders all night and I helped count out the register by affirming that there was $8 in quarters.

My friend is in his early twenties and is now paid to basically babysit a clubhouse with free food and occasional nap and smoke breaks.

Honestly, I kind of hope they never get their liquor license.

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