Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On Life Goals

I've recently decided that my personal professional success should ideally come before my first major inheritance. I mean in theory it'd really be best if I could prove myself before I land any windfall that will discourage me from a stable job or, y'know, trying.

That said, I've decided to shoot for a relatively local house in one of the few remaining ungentrified shitholes that fest in this, the highest taxed county in the country. Interestingly, this would likely put me in the neighborhood my parents lived in when I was born.

In my mind, I will be inhabiting that very house, the one they owned for a year or so before my birth and for a few years after, though I moved out with my mother soon after by second birthday. Still, because this house was built exactly like 30-40% of all the houses in our area, I have since been in many houses of friends and family whose architects utilized the same floor plans. In short: I still have a fairly good mental picture of this house, as it was twenty-some-odd years ago.

That being said, it is my desire to own that very house, with it's blueberry bush laden backyard frequented by dear and the occasional UFO wafting through the trees. Chiefly, I am interested in how I will furnish this home.

Several years ago I convinced my mother to get black leather furniture, something more many than her previous grey/tan/brown tweed that left seem marks on you face after falling asleep on it. Soon after I was promised/threatened with their official ownership once I had my own place because my mom frankly didn't want such bleak, industrial furniture. SCORE FOR ME!!

Now I have a good number of storage units and boxes and shelves and such, so that's pretty set, but my eventual dream is to occupy an entire bedroom with a queen size bed and furniture and art actually remnisciant of an adult. There will not be toys in my bedroom.

Those will all go on one side of my home office, that way if I get really stuck I can just spin around in my chair and be all WAKATCHAAAAA!!!! with my Nerf guns. Shit yeah.

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