Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On Pancakes

So I had pancakes for today.

I know that's not some huge revelation but it really is sort of a massive undertaking. I was awake for three hours before I ate. I took my car into the shop. I watched like two hours of The Office.

Then I ate pancakes and that was the end for me.

I don't know what's in frozen blueberries that destroys the rest of the day but it's quite potent. All I know is after I added flapjacks and bacon to my digestive tract I slowly lost consciousness. And slept for a good three hours. And woke up tired.

Oh god! I had hoped for myself! My day! What good is a man now, knowing he can be felled alone by the very meal he would choose to nourish him? My most important meal has betrayed me! Woe! A pox on both of Bisquick's houses!

Man, that was really good though. Even the nap rocked.

Damn it, I could really go for some pancakes now. Weird.

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