Thursday, March 25, 2010

On Fields of Interest

I find it annoying that my ability to speed read is entirely dependent on how interesting I find the subject matter.

Not just because I can't speed read the boring stuff I'd want to get out of the way faster, but because I actually slow-read the worst stuff.

Crappy Star Wars novel with barely passable writing? 48 hours. 72 if I have a busy weekend.

James Joyce?

Maaaaaaan … I've been on the fifth short in "Dubliners" for like a year now. I've read other books. Entire other books. Plus the whole internet. Even the weird Japanese stuff.

I did at least to Star Wars novels, the new Hitchhiker's Guide book by Eoin Colfer, Chuck Klosterman's new book of essays Eating the Dinosaur, probably a half-dozen manga and Bob knows how many monthly comics I've torn through because it's just so easy to download them and read while more flow in.

I'm trudging through Freakanomics and a mindfuck thought experiment by the creator of "Dilbert" on my phone just to avoid a drunk Irishman who's been dead seventy years.

Though in my defense, simply being dead isn't reason enough to ever turn your back on a drunk Irishman.

They are crafty.

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